Das verbindet uns. T-Mobile Austria Nachhaltigkeitsbericht 2017


In a word, this is the objective of sustainable behaviour. Being fair to this generation, and the generations to come, by handling natural resources with care. Fair to our customers, by being reliable and offering products that make their everyday life easier. Fair to our employees with exciting tasks, fair remuneration and a liveable working environment. Fair to the society we work in, by building up essential infrastructure in Austria and making it accessible to everyone, paying taxes and bearing social responsibility. Our sustainability report details how T-Mobile is fulfilling this responsibility.
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Network and customers

Our network.
Connecting what belongs together.

We live in a digital world. During leisure hours and work time, for families and friends, at home and on the go, in the city and in the country, the T-Mobile network ensures reliable connections around the clock, 365 days a year.
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There is no Plan B
for the environment.

It is our duty to this generation and those to come to handle resources economically.
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Company and Employees

We love Austria.

Our infrastructure is essential for the Austria region. We establish networks that will continue to improve our customers’ digital daily lives in years to come.
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Social Responsibility

Shared responsibility connects.

Operating your business sustainably also means taking on your share of responsibility for our society.
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