Nachhaltigkeitsbericht 2019
Nachhaltigkeitsbericht 2019


Responsibility: this is, in a word, the objective of sustainable action. Responsibility for reliable networks that connect our customers, always and everywhere. Responsibility for our employees through sustainable economic management. Responsibility for society, the social network in which we operate.

We have a vested interest in acting sustainably. We are investing hundreds of millions of euros to ensure that we will still be able to use our mobile frequencies in 20 years’ time, plus several hundred million euros more to create a mobile network capable of satisfying Austrians’ growing appetite for mobile data today, tomorrow and far into the future. In addition, we have long been researching technology that will enable us to guarantee the best possible connections in the next decade. Since 2013, we have invested €3.4 billion in our country.

In 2018, we took a major step towards Austria’s digital future. By acquiring Austria’s leading internet service provider, UPC and its powerful fibre-optic cable network, we became an integrated provider of telecommunications and TV services. Launched in May 2019, our new brands, Magenta and Magenta Telekom, send a clear signal of the strength of our integrated networks. Our ultimate promise to our customers is this: we want to be the best internet, entertainment and customer service provider. This is why we are proud to have been recognised as “Austria’s best mobile network provider” (according to connect and Chip magazines). We are the first provider in the EU to have rolled out 5G, the next generation of mobile networks. The upgrade to our fibre-optic cable network, increasing speeds up to one gigabit per second, has made Vienna one of Europe’s best-connected capital cities.

Sustainability is in our DNA at Magenta Telekom. We don’t follow fleeting mobile trends: instead, we work tirelessly to build the long-lasting infrastructure that keeps you connected, wherever you are. Connected to your loved ones when they’re not by your side. Connected to your office so you don’t need to panic in the commuter rat race. Connected to your home so you don’t waste money on electricity. And, of course, connected to your friends, your doctor, your clients, your business, your farm – in short, connected to everyone and everything that matters in your life.

Back in 2015, our ecological efforts to implement sustainable management passed an important milestone: our mobile network and our entire company became carbon-neutral. We achieved this by using electricity generated from hydropower and other renewable energy sources, through energy efficiency, efficient use of resources and certified CO2 compensation when we are not (yet) able to avoid emissions entirely. Of course, Magenta Telekom remains completely carbon-neutral, which was again certified by TÜV Austria in 2018.

We are the first mobile network provider in Austria and one of the first anywhere around the world to put sustainability in our customers’ hands in the form of the Fairphone. Easy to repair and upgrade, these handsets are produced in accordance with Fairtrade standards. We also act sustainably when we buy back our customers’ used smartphones; we make sure they are fully refurbished and can be used again.

Our Sustainability Report describes of every aspect of our sustainability work at Magenta Telekom and has been produced in line with the Global Reporting Initiative, the international standard in this field.

CEO Magenta Telekom